Medical Cannabis in Southwest Florida

Taking into consideration the adverse effects of the U.S. Opioid Epidemic, which left around 33,000 people dead in 2015 alone - something has to be done. Prescription, and "street" opiate substances have spread at an alarming rate. The use of medical cannabis in treating pain, and the other qualified conditions may be our answer. 

Of course there is not one road to success by any means, though this modality may play a large role in decreasing the impact of the Opioid Epidemic. Research is widening in regard to Medical Cannabis and the role in treating MS, PTSD, Crohn's, Parkinson's, Cancer, Spasmodic conditions, Epilepsy, ALS, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, and debilitating pain, among other syndromes.

It has been Doctor Little's pleasure serving the community of Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte, and other regions of Southwest Florida in being one of the only Pain Management Specialists in the area. It has been a goal of his and of his staff, to treat patients not only with compassion, but with also the goal of eliminating "Pill Mills" from the State of Florida. Dr. Little has set an example in his treatment to implement the goals of CDC and Surgeon General guidelines in these regards. The implementation of Medical Cannabis for qualifying patients may bring an extra approach to eliminating such an undefinable cause. With respect to our County and State Law Enforcement officers, St. Anthony Health Care is steadfast in educating patients in not only the medicinal value, but also the proper laws surrounding Medical Cannabis and especially in regards to operating motor vehicles, or consumption in public. As somewhat of a revolutionary pain management practice, St. Anthony has been implementing the goals of the Surgeon General prior to the nationwide notice and wishes to continue to do so with the assistance of Medical Cannabis.

With the legislation in place, Dr. Little is now pleased to welcome patients with qualifying conditions for certification visits. During these visits, patients can expect to be educated on the biological and chemical properties of Medical Cannabis, the state and federal rules and regulations, and the secured process of receiving medicine. If you find yourself to be a qualifying patient, Schedule an Appointment Here. We look forward to using this newly legislated medicine in treating a multitude of qualifying conditions.