Myofascial Back Pain

Myofascial Back Pain often presents as a deep and aching pain that is aggravated through activity and is also often associated with muscle tension. This pain maybe localized or radiate throughout the paraspinal muscles of the spine, into the buttock, groin, and upper trapezius muscle region along with other affected muscles.  


Diagnosis of this syndrome is difficult through radiological studies as it is often muscle related. Upon physical examination, pain-induced weakness, paraesthesia may be present. Tender, taut bands of muscle may be noted upon palpation along possible deep, traverse palpation may elicit the characteristic local twitch response. 

Treatment Options:

Treatment of Myofascial Pain is often conservative with therapies including Trigger Point Injections, ischemic compression massage, massage therapy, physical therapy, and iontophoresis. 

References and Further Information:

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