New Patients

As a patient new to any therapy, treatment, or medication, we recommend that you educate yourself about the benefits, side effects, and biological interactions of the treatment. We then, of course, recommend that you are evaluated by a medical health practitioner in regards to the treatment you seek. At St. Anthony, we pride ourselves on educating one another in order to avoid any mishaps and allow for a more clear path towards medical optimization. 

You can learn more about your cannabinoid therapy options here. In the state of Florida, you, your physician, and your dispensing organization are all held within the regulations of FL Statue 381.986 and you are recommended to read the information found here

In order to simplify the process and retain clarity, to become a new patient with our office, here are the steps that you will follow:

1. Inform yourself of state and federal regulations regarding Medical Cannabis therapy

2. If you feel that Medical Cannabis therapy will bring you medical benefit following further research, locate our office here

3. If our office location suits your needs, schedule your appointment here - or contact us by telephone at (941) 441-9007 to schedule an appointment. When scheduling your appointment, you will be required to complete our new patient intake form, read and complete our Qualifying Condition Assessment, read and sign our HIPPA Privacy Statement, Practice policies, and our Informed Consent of Compassionate Medical Cannabis Use form. Please read these forms with attention to detail before signing. If there are any questions throughout the scheduling process, do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance at (941) 441-9007. You may also print out a copy of these forms to complete and bring in to the office with you, if this is the case, you may contact us by telephone to schedule an appointment at (941) 441-9007.

4. You will be evaluated for your qualifying condition in-person by our licensed physician following the office of compassionate use's guidelines alongside the physicians recommendations. 

5. If you are found to have a qualifying condition per Amendment II Guidelines and the FL Statue 381.986, you will be verified as a qualified patient in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. 

6. You may then contact or visit one of the 7 current MMTCs in Florida:

1. CHT Medical | (855) 524-8633 |

2. The Green Solution | (800) 429-1987 |

3. Trulieve | (844) 878-5438 |

4. Surterra Therapeutics | (850) 391-5455 |

5. Modern Health Concepts | (877) 303-0741 | 

6. Knox Medical | (888) 441-5669 |

7. GrowHealthy | (863) 223-8882 |

Click Here for a map of the current Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. 

Click here for  an informational packet provided to our patients following a certification examination which may be useful in your decision.

Necessary Paperwork:

New Patient Packet | Click Here To Download

New Patient Evaluation: 250.00 | Follow-up Evaluation: 150.00

Our office is Cash-Only